Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Group - 读书俱乐部

Reading / 讀 / Lesen
Reading, Oil on Canvas
© Matthew Felix Sun
Just finished reading a book for the "assignment" of my book group, which I joint about five years ago. Before I lived in the U.S. from China, I didn't know anyone who was associated with of any book group or book club.  It is quite ironic considering that I grew up in a household filled with books.  I remember that when I was little, I never had any toy of my own, but I had books.  The only times I asked for something in shopping streets and would roll in mud if my requests were denied, were occasions I wanted to have some new books.

In China, when people get together, they feast, they play Mahjong, and they chitchat aimlessly.  Discussing a book?  No.  Oh, no, my dear sir.  No.  Chinese nowadays give little thoughts to literature.  Considering any congregation might be viewed suspiciously by the ever-nervous government, it is also very wise not to get together with other thoughtful people and converse intelligently.

剛剛讀完我的書社的“任务”。 我是約五年前加入这个書社的。在我從中國移居美國前,我不认识任何人与任何读书团体或读书会有关。這很具有諷刺意味,因为我生長在一個充滿了書籍的家庭。我記得我小時候,我從來沒有我自己的任何玩具,但我擁有書。唯一時候,我在購物街里要买东西,而如果我的要求被拒絕,我在泥濘中打滾,是我想要一些新的書籍。


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