Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chinese College Graduates Abandon Pets 毕业生离校 大量宠物遭抛弃流浪校园

It has been reported by Chongqing Evening Newspaper that in universities, every year many pet dogs and cats got abandoned by their previous owners who graduated and moved away from campuses.

The picture below shows one of such abandoned cat in Southwestern Normal University.  The staff had tried to chase away some abandoned dogs, for fearing of attacks on students and some staff started to feed those lovely cats.

据报道, 每年一到学生快毕业的时候,学校的流浪猫狗就越来越多。近日,重庆晚报记者接到不少高校学生的电话,反映校园流浪猫狗越来越多。

下图是这样的一只被遗弃的在西南政法大学的流浪猫。工作人员担心流浪狗伤人, 曾赶走一些流浪狗, 而有的工作人员则开始喂一些可爱的流浪猫。

Source: People's Daily

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