Monday, June 13, 2011

Restaurant Menus - 餐馆菜单

In the food obsessed San Francisco region, many restaurants have very small menus and they change often, to reflect the fresh ingredients available during the season.

Over the years, I have learned to appreciate short menus, which often indicate the chef would pay close attention to every dishes on the menu.  This type of menu can be found most often in the so-called Californian cuisine restaurants but now even some Chinese restaurants are catching up the trend, and no longer offer those several dozens of cooking methods of entirely interchangeable pork, shrimp, chick or beef - unfortunately they still persist in many generic and lackluster restaurants, being everything and being nothing.


多年來,我學會了欣賞簡短的菜單,這往往表明廚師將密切關注菜單上的每一道菜。這種類型的菜單經常出現在所謂的加州食品餐廳裡,但現在連一些中餐館,也已趕上潮流,不再提供幾十種烹調方法,完全可以互換的豬肉,蝦,雞或牛肉- - 但仍有一些通用和無光澤的餐館堅持使用那些,什麼都是,什麼都不是的傳統菜單。

Fruits / 水果 / Früchte

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