Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last Post on This Blog - 此博客最后博文

Dear readers:

Thank you for having supported this blog.

Though I believe that the theme of "此岸,彼岸 ... - This Shore, that shore ... " is going to continue to generate discussions and debates, I have concluded that I simple spend enough time and energy to sustain a meaningful dialogue on this platform.  There are many engaging websites and blogs devoting to the landscapes of the U.S. and China and the comparison and contrast between these two cultures and I hope you will continue to pay attention to this important issues, for a better future and understanding.

I will continue to write on my main blogs: Matthew Felix Sun - Art · 文化 · Kunst - a website dedicated to art scenes, including my own works and announcements. 

You may also find the portal to my blogs via my website:

Again, thank you and best wishes,

Matthew Felix Sun

感谢您支持这个博客。 虽然我相信我的主题 “此岸,彼岸 ... - This Shore, that shore ... ​​” 会继续引发讨论和辩论,我认识到我没有足够的时间和精力,在这个平台上维持一个有意义的对话。有很多网站和博客致力于放映美国和中国的风景和这两种文化的对比和反差,我希望您能继续关注这一重要问题,为一个更美好的未来和理解努力。

我会继续写我的主博客:Matthew Felix Sun - Art · 文化 · Kunst - 一个致力于艺术文化的网站,以及展示我自己的作品和公告。 您也可以通过我的网站到达我的博客:


Matthew Felix Sun

Liberation Road / 解放路 / Befreiungstraße 
Liberation Road / 解放路 / Befreiungstraße
Oil on Canvas
18" x 24"
Completed in 2010