Monday, November 29, 2010

Discriminations - 歧视

This year's US mid-term election, particularly the gubernatorial election in California engaged my mother lives in China, who is not very interested in politics but not without her opinions.

After the election, when my mother, a highly accomplished retired doctor and professor, was relieved to hear that the "run-for-office rich" Meg Whitman lost her bid to become Californian governor.  Her reason was that "women should not govern."

In China, such blatant discrimination against a group people in workplace or otherwise is rampant and acceptable and even expected.  But hearing it from my mother speaking against a person for no reason other than her sex, it unnerved me.

In China, you can see often in hiring notices that they only want to hire people of certain age, height, sex, look, or ethnicity.  Discrimination based on sexual orientation has not been widely observed simply because homosexuals habitually hide their sexual identities in order to keep their jobs.


選舉結束後,當我妈妈,一個很有成就的退休醫生和教授,聽到“富得可以竞选公职”的Meg Whitman 失去了成為加州州長的机会,很感欣慰。她的理由是,“女人不應該掌权。”



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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Election - 选举

The mid-term election in the US was an earth-shaking, and despite the low turn out rate, it was still an exercise of voters' choices, however unsatisfactory, or not.

Ever since I gained my US citizenship, I voted for every election.

When I lived in China, I voted only once - still in School.  On the ballots, there were several names nominated for the local level representatives, who actually were mere electors at the lowest level and they would elect higher level electors, who they might be were only revealed later to those elected.  They would vote representatives to the municipal level who then would vote members of parliament representing the province.
Therefore, it was safe to say that the MPs had almost no connection to the regular voters.

Some of those people on the ballots were from my school and others not.  None were allowed to run a campaign.  They were chosen and nominated.  Five people were nominated for five slots.

There were a very brief biographies of those "candidates" and they all claimed to "Adhere to the Four Cardinal Principles" - must adhere to the socialist road; must uphold the the proletarian dictatorship; Third, must uphold the leadership of the Communist Party; Fourth, and must uphold Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought.

Beyond that, we knew nothing about their stands on any other issues.

I voted no to every single candidates in the only "election" I participated before I left China.



當我住在中國是,我只参与过一次選舉 - 我仍然在學校上学。在選票上,列有幾個提名為地方一級的代表的名字,他们其实是最低级的選舉人民,將由他們選出更高層次的選民,至于那些更高層次的選民可能是誰,当时我们无从知晓。他們會選舉市一級代表,市一級代表再决定誰將代表全省成为人民代表大会代表(國會議員)。



每个“候选人”有一個非常簡短的傳記,他們都聲稱“堅持四項基本原則” - 必須堅持社會主義道路,必須堅持無產階級專政,必須堅持共產黨的領導,必須堅持馬克思列寧主義,毛澤東思想。



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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fire in Shanghai - 上海大火

Immediately after the much hyped World Expo, Shanghai suffered a big fire which resulted in at least 58 deaths so far.

Almost as soon as the fire burned out, the authority declared that they had detailed culprits, un-licensed welders. But the general contractors and its subcontractors have not been held responsible by the authorities, yet.

This strategy has been played out whenever there was a disaster, especially relating to the powerful and the rich. But Shanghai is different. Its citizens are much more sophisticated and demand more of their own rights. Perhaps, this time, those victims would not be silenced easily.




Thursday, November 11, 2010

David Disarmed - 被缴械的大卫

We often cheer the impossible feat of David's overcoming giant Goliath, particularly because it was impossible.

When a tiny consumer tries to address the wrongs he or she suffered in the hands of commercial conglomerates, the chance of their winning is just like that of David's. Banding small people together, is the only weapon they will have to overcome their opponents. Yet, in China and the US, these little Davids are to be disarmed.

Chinese kangaroo court just imposed a two and a half year term on Zhao Lianhai, who became an activist after his son experienced kidney problems linked to contaminated baby formula. He was convicted of inciting public disorder by setting up a web site to help other parents with sick children to share information and to seek compensation, and by organizing protests.

In the US, the Supreme Court just took up a case by Vincent and Liza Concepcion complaining that they were charged $30.32 for a phone that was supposed to be free and they had signed away their right to initiate a class-action suit against the company, AT&T.

People fear that the ultra-business-friendly court might side with big business once again, and render little Davids in the US armless as well.

The width of the Pacific Ocean is getter ever narrower.



中国的袋鼠法庭判处了赵连海两年半徒刑. 赵连海在儿子因受污染的婴儿奶粉肾脏致病后,成为一个积极活动分子,设立一个网站,以帮助患病儿童与其他家长分享信息,并寻求赔偿和组织抗议。因此,他被判定犯有煽动扰乱公共秩序罪。

在美国,最高法院刚刚受理 Vincent 和 Liza Concepcion 对AT&T的诉讼,抱怨他们为一个"免费"的电话机付出三十点三二美元,并签字放弃他们集体诉讼的权利。



Jingwei Filling Up the Sea / 精衛填海 / Jingwei Ausfüllen des Meeres
Jingwei Filling Up the Sea / 精衛填海
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Monday, November 1, 2010

"名人"名言 - "Celebrity" Quotes

A slew of notorious quotes in China went viral, revealing the inequality of that society in a most astonishing way.

- A college student sped on campus and resulted in a death and a serious injury of two college students.  The culprit complained about the damage of his car and left the site to see his girlfriend, and shouted at the security and other students - I dare you to sue me.  My Dad is Li Gang.  Mr. Li Gang is a petty public safety official in a small town near Beijing.

- Another auto incident.  The drunk driver shouted his immortal quote: "My uncle is a bureau chief."

- A Vice Chairman of Writers' Association in Henan Province made such speech that ever since the new Party Chief arrived his province, the literary spring had arrived and they were excited everyday and they were able to wash faces with tears.

- The highest literary award in China, awarded another petty official the poetry awards.  Many readers in China ridiculed the choice, because the award-winning poetry were pedestrian and as poetic as the weather report.

- City of Shenzhen gave housing subsidies to a selected group of people, including CEO of Tengxun Ma Huateng , whose assets worth 29.3 Billion Yuan (about US $4.44 Billion). 


- 一名大學生在校園超速導致兩名大學生一死和一嚴重傷害。肇事者抱怨汽車的損害,在離開現場去看到他的女朋友前,向在场的安全人员和其他學生喊 - 有本事你去告我。我的爸爸是李刚。李刚是北京附近的一個小城市的一個公共安全小官員。

- 另一件汽車事故。一个醉漢司機喊他的不朽的名言:“我舅舅是局長。”

- 河南作家協會一副主席作出這樣的發言,自從新的省委書記上任,文學的春天已經來了河南,他們都很興奮,每天以淚洗面。

- 中國最高文學獎把詩歌獎頒發了另一小官员。許多讀者在嘲笑这一選擇,因為獲獎詩歌的詩意和天氣報告一样。

- 深圳市給選定的一群人住房補貼,其中包括騰訊公司的首席執行官馬化騰,其資產總值 29.3億元(約合 4.44 億美元)。

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