Monday, November 29, 2010

Discriminations - 歧视

This year's US mid-term election, particularly the gubernatorial election in California engaged my mother lives in China, who is not very interested in politics but not without her opinions.

After the election, when my mother, a highly accomplished retired doctor and professor, was relieved to hear that the "run-for-office rich" Meg Whitman lost her bid to become Californian governor.  Her reason was that "women should not govern."

In China, such blatant discrimination against a group people in workplace or otherwise is rampant and acceptable and even expected.  But hearing it from my mother speaking against a person for no reason other than her sex, it unnerved me.

In China, you can see often in hiring notices that they only want to hire people of certain age, height, sex, look, or ethnicity.  Discrimination based on sexual orientation has not been widely observed simply because homosexuals habitually hide their sexual identities in order to keep their jobs.


選舉結束後,當我妈妈,一個很有成就的退休醫生和教授,聽到“富得可以竞选公职”的Meg Whitman 失去了成為加州州長的机会,很感欣慰。她的理由是,“女人不應該掌权。”



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