Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day in China - 母亲节在中国

Mother's Day, like Christmas, is a new fad in China.  Besides making or buying gifts for their mothers, Chinese kids were made to do something rather a bit strange.

It was reported that in a small town in Jiangxi Province, one hundred school pupils were rounded up, along with their mothers, to form a formation in the middle of school playing ground, and were required to wash their mother's feet, to demonstrate their love toward their mothers.

In Taiwan, a principle of a middle high school washed his 93-year-old mother's feet in public.

Many students did not feel comfortable in doing so.

The same news segment also reported that in a high school in Guangdong Province, 600 middle school students participated a so called Adulthood Ceremony, by kneeling down to their parents to receive a "Family Letter" to mark their passing into "Adulthood".

Facing some criticism regarding the kneeling, the principal countered that kneeling is the highest honor in China and if children don't knee to their parents, how could they express their gratitude towards their parents?

It's nauseating to see the demeaning of the young and lacking of dignities of all participants.

母亲节, 和圣诞节一样,是中国的一个新时尚。除了为其母亲制作或购买礼物,中国孩子们被要求做一些奇怪的事情。

据报道,在江西省的一个小城镇里,一百名小学生们, 连同他们的母亲, 被集合起来在学校操场形成一个方阵, 为他们的母亲洗脚,以证明他们对他们的母亲的爱。



同一个新闻还报到说,在广东省的一个高中,600名初中学生,跪在地上从父母手中接收"家书",以通过所谓的成人仪式, 纪念 "成人"。


对年轻人如此贬损和所有参与者的尊严缺乏, 让人很恶心。

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