Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How the Chinese Buy Houses - 中国人怎么买房子

When I was in China last month, I made a trip to the Olympic Stadium in Shenyang, where a three-day real estate fair took place.

The fair was like a county fair in the US. Many buyers and onlookers rushed in. There was an opening ceremony, a band and many VIPs.

People came here to look and pounce on deals. In picturesque Hangzhou (near Shanghai), people grabbed several really expensive units within hours.

In China, people buy houses like buying turnips.

I guessed there were several obvious reasons behind this madness: no other investment gained value as fast as housing; no sales tax and capital gain taxes; low interest rates...

It was a freezing cold day but people were not deterred:

Red carpet treatment

Many buses ready to take potential buyers to see the buildings

People started to file in

Facing the entrance, was a supermarket, whose parking lot was completely full

The band

People lined up for ... a deal? a counselor?

Where to start?

People distributed leaflets

Inside the showrooms

A model building

And the sale women

all dressed to the ninth

By the time I left, more people were coming in

Friday, April 16, 2010

韩寒 Han Han - Influential Blogger in China

Han Han 韩寒

Time magazine published a 200 candidate list for this year's list of the 100 most influential people in the world, amongst them is a 27-year-old author and race-car driver, Han Han (韩寒). According to Time, Han Han's first novel, based on his experience as a high school dropout in Shanghai, became a best seller in China and sparked a debate about the quality of the country's rigid education system. An avid rally car driver, he writes a mega-popular blog that pokes fun at prominent cultural figures and incompetent officials.

I encountered his blog recently and am deeply impressed by his insight and bravery. His sharp, witty, caustic and sometimes scathing commentary on popular culture and political situation has earned him a huge followers and sometimes, his blogs were taken offline from the hosting sites, but the re-posting are easy to find online. I worry about his safety and hope that the sheer maddening number of his millions and millions followers would be a good deterrence against any rash governmental displeasure.

Below are three recent blogs by Mr. Han. I'll summarize each and translate several paragraphs. I'll underline those paragraphs and change the font face to bold in the original Chinese texts.

时代周刊刊登了今年在世界上最有影响力的100人的200个 候选人的名单,其一是一名27岁的作家和赛车手,韩寒。根据时代,韩寒的第一部小说,以他在上海高中的辍学经验为基础,成为中国的畅销书,并引发了有关该 国的僵化的教育体系的质量进行辩论。一个狂热的拉力赛汽车手,他写道:一个超级流行的博客,状似在著名文化人士和不称职官员的乐趣。

我最 近读了他的几个博文,深深地感受到他的洞察力和勇气。他的敏锐,机智,烧碱,有时尖刻的对流行文化和政治局势的评论,已经为他赢得了巨大的追随者;有时, 他的博文,被从托管网站删除,但很容易在网上找到传发的原文。我担心他的安全,并希望他的庞大的读者数目将是对政府的任何轻率行动的良好威慑。

下 面是韩先生的最近3个博文。我会介绍其背景并翻译几个段落。我会再这些段落中文文本下划横线,并将原来的中文文本的字体改变为粗体。

15 March 2010 (2010-03-15 12:36:03)

During 2010's Winter Olympic Game, a Chinese gold-medalist was criticized for thanking her parents first, country later. Mr. Han wrote that during a car race in Mohe, northern China, he was very confident and especially thanked country first, then thanked his parents. Yet, on the very safe track, his car overturned. He said:
This tale told us two morals, one is to believe in Brother Chun, which will only guarantee of everlasting life, nothing else [I believe that he is poking fun on pop culture here]; second is thanking country first, parents later, is this fate.

2010年3月15 日 (2010-03-15 12:36:03)

今 年的拉力赛我转会到斯巴鲁中国车队,漠河是今年的第一场比赛。这里和上海的温差将近五十度。赛道没有什么难度,车队为我准备的翼豹STI赛车也非常好 开,一开如故。在发布会上我非常有信心,还特地先感谢国家,后感谢父母,并且表示信春哥。比赛的当天,我从第一个弯就开始全速推进,结果在9公里处居然切 到了一块冰块后翻车了。这是近两年的拉力赛中我个人犯下的非常少见的失误,这样安全的赛道居然能把车都开翻了。如果再给我一次机会,说谁先把车开翻谁就拿 冠军,我都未必有这个本事。好在我和领航员孙强都健在,没有受伤,大家不用担心。

这个故事告诉我们两个道理,第一个道理是信 春哥,只能保证得永生,不能保证得其他;第二个道理是先谢国家,再谢父母,就是这个下场。

Where to Find Me, As Good As You (2010-03-14 01:17:22)

Mr. Han Han commented on the sensational publication of a low-level bureaucrat's online diary by hacker and the protagonist in the diary, a certain Mr. HAN Feng (not related, as far as I know). Han Han said in his blog that the petty bureaucrat took only small amount of bribes, didn't work much (therefore almost no damage), only slept with a few subordinates and didn't give them any big gifts, therefore this bureaucrat is an exemplary cadre in China and should not be punished for the petty offenses, comparing to astronomical offenses by other official, big or small.

He said that he conducted a poll on his blog - from more than 21,000 votes from independent IP address, 96% believed that Han Feng is a good cadre and should stay on his post.

From there, he talked about voting and the Two Conferences -- National People's Congress and National Political Consultative Conference -- in Beijing. He said,

During the Two Conference period, media often asked me to submit bills to the Two Conferences, or participate in programs talking about people's livelihood, even go to Beijing to have close contacts with the Two Conferences. I declined all of these. I'm only one of the grass people [an ironic term about the masses], what do I do there? First, I do not lack a notebook computer, second, I've said that I am no actor.

But, after the Two Conferences, I want to say, that actually, our government is really very happy. Most of the masses forever think that the policies from higher-up are correct, it is only at the lower level things went wrong.

Han continued to say that Chinese people only ask for very little from their officials. They think that Han Feng is rather a very good cadre. They don't expect cadres to serve the people, as long as they don't cause trouble for the people. You can live in your luxurious mansions, ride your good cars, sleep with your subordinates, we don't want to mess with it, as long as you don't demolish my humble houses, sleep with my wife or daughter, you are the good cadre in the people's eyes. If netizens cause trouble, delete their postings; if writers are troublesome, harmonize them simply; if journalists are abominable, only need one sentence - Do not report negative news.

Han continued to say how lucky the government is and how easily satisfied the people are and asked the government cares for the people just a little bit. If you allow such good people die of hunger, illness, poverty, aggravation, poison, food, anger, injustice, water, sleep, [It seems the latter two refer to many cases when detained people for minor crimes died in police stations suddenly, with the official causes as they die of drinking water, sleeping, playing hide-and-seek with other inmates, etc.] where can you find more honest and humble people?

我去哪里找,像你那么好 (2010-03-14 01:17:22)

在上上一篇文章中,我设置了投票功能,到现在一共有21万个独 立的IP进行了投票,结果显示,有百分之九十六, 也就是20万人觉得韩峰是个好干部,应该留任,有百分之四不到1万 人觉得韩峰是个坏干部,应该严惩。当然,以后我会多设置投票功能,以弥补大家从来没有见过选票但却选出了不少人大代表的遗憾。从今天起,本人将和各大政府 网站单方面结成战略合作伙伴,当他们开始就某事件投票的时候,我这里也将和他们开始同步投票,我本人将不写任何文字以免对投票结果产生暗示性导向,最后看 看结 果有什么差别。

投票的人中,有人是发自内心的觉得韩峰还算不错,胃口比较小,有人是真情流露的觉得韩峰在官员中已经算是个人修养比较高的,有人是起哄的,有人是反讽的, 但是大家都很无奈。我爷爷那会儿,大家都知道有困难,找干部,弄不好干部比你还困难,后来大家都知道,这个国家分好的官员和坏的官员。韩峰的投票结果说明 我们正式进入了一个几乎无官不贪,只分好的贪官和坏的贪官的年代。大家认为韩峰明显属于好的贪官。

虽然这几天,韩峰因为在土地交易中受贿被逮捕,但是在报道韩峰的新闻中,我们不应该只注意到韩峰玩手机,玩职权,玩小谭。在《新世纪 周刊》的采访中,韩峰 的领导这样评价他,“广西的烟草消费量在全国排名靠后,而来宾地区的消费 量则更低。韩峰在来宾的政绩之一,就是在2007年 使该地区人均消费香烟达到六条以上,超过了全国平均量。”

这 样一个美好的地方,原本大家抽烟都比较少,国家设立了一个机构,这个机构里有个官员,让这个原本香烟消费很少的地方人开始大量的抽烟,最后人均消费了六条 以上,超过了全国平均量,居然这就是成了好领导的标准。让老百姓多抽烟居然成为了政府部门的政绩。作为一个像样的国家,你不禁烟算了,你怎么能将专门设 立一个官方机构旨在让老百姓多抽烟呢,你怎么能用老百姓的健康来换取你这点微不足道的GDP呢。不过我转念一想,也正常,从来都是这么干的。

在两 会期间,经常有媒体让我为两会想提案,或者录制一些谈论民生的节目,甚至去北京和两会做近距离的接触,我都推辞了,我一个草民,我去做什么呢,第一, 我并不缺笔记本电脑,第二,都说了我不演戏的。

但是,在两会 结束之际,我想说,其实,我们的政府真的是很幸福的。大部分的老百姓永远认为,上头的政策是对的,只是给下头执行歪了。几十年之后,他们 还是认为,上头的政策是对的,只是下头怎么老是执行歪。他们从来没有怀疑过第一句话,他们对“上头”还是抱着最原始的信任。屁民们遇见了委 屈,能做的最后一件事情就是上京告御状,虽然信访办更多的职责是负责登记新增的监控对象和运输他们。在遇到村长欺负的时候,他们会想到镇长,镇长不管的时 候,他们会想到县 长,县长不管的时候,他们会想到市长,但是他们永远找不到市长,他们于是幻想着中央的部长,甚至更高的领导,他们觉得只是被下面这些领导们阻断了他冤情的 传达,他们从来不曾想到,他想见的人说不定早觉得他烦死了,背地里可能就耍下一句没有大局观。他们从来只是在讨要自己的一点点权益,从来不去要求自己有什 么权利,他们从来只是觉得是地方官员的问题,而不是其他什么问题,他们只要有一个坐着奥迪的领导在过年的时候慰问一下就觉得非常温暖,当然,那也需要他不 光穷,而且穷的正确,穷的典型。他们觉得韩峰这样就已经不错了,他们对干部的指望并不是为老百姓服务,而是不要找老百姓的麻烦就行了,你住 你 的豪宅,坐你的好车,玩你的小谭,咱已经都不管了,只要你不要踩我的小强,拆我的民房,弄我的小芳,你就是老百姓心目中的好官。如果网民讨厌,删帖就行, 如果作家讨厌,和谐就行,如果记者讨厌,只要一句话——最近不要报道负面新闻就行。

所以说,这样的政府是幸福的,你们拥有着这样淳朴温良容易满足的老百姓,他们虽然有很多不满,但他们有着最底线的信任。有的时候他们 聚众闹个事,最多就是因 为本来政府答应他们只要把自己的蛋糕给政府,政府会给他们一个包子,结果只给了一个馒头。你只需要从牙缝里剔出一点肉给他们当馅,他们就满意的回家了。 面对这样的人民,我真的愿望政府可以忘记GDP的 荣耀,让出一个点,在开会的时候少说一点排比句,多分一杯羹给大家,让他们少一点生活压力,庇护他们,罩着他们,让他们有点尊严,而不是通过新华社通稿被 获得。你要是把这样好的人民给饿死了病死了穷死了逼死了毒死了吃死了气死了冤死了喝水喝死了睡觉睡死了,你去哪里找比他们更老实的人民呢。

These Dogs Are So Trouble Some (2009-11-24 03:57:10)
Han Han talked about a story took place in a district (Minhang) in Shanghai. A certain Ms. Pan failed to protect her house from forciful demonish with Molotov cocktails. Han was glad that Ms. Pan wasn't seriously hurt or die as in many other cases. He calculated Ms. Pan's house is 480 square meter but the compensation from government can only afford her to buy 40 square meter house/flat in the same neighborhood. Han continued to discuss how the governments of all levels are taking advantage of urbanization at the expenses of dwellers.

He said that government must be regretting that if they'd known how profitable the urbanization is, they would not have let peasants to have their own lots and houses, which caused so many demolition issues. When they built prisons, they should have use that blueprints to build villages. One prison per villages, one cell per family. Then using People's Daily to instilling ideas that this is the new countryside in socialist society. From then one, no one needs to build houses on their own - government delivers houses to people - everyone has concrete walls while the doors can be made with steel bars. Of course, keys need to distribute to the people. The benefit of such operations is that though it cost at the beginning, it would not have the trouble of relocating and demolishing. The second benefit is that whoever commits crime, you only need to confiscate his key.

Han quoted major of a certain town (Huacao), GAO Baojin: You are against the government, it is certain that you broke the law, and it will certainly be dealt with.

After Han discussed further how profitable urbanization is for the governments of all levels, he wondered:

Do you think that Minhang District is abominable? Do you wonder how they can continue to stay on their posts? If so, you are too green. Because they are the most efficient tools for City of Shanghai. This can be described as this - say you are a departmental manager in a corporation and need to buy a printer with market price of 1,000 Yuan. It is similar to that you give one of your employees 1,000 Yuan, however the employee spent 300 Yuan bought the print by force, gave you a 1,000 yuan receipt, gave you 400 Yuan, and he pocketed 300 Yuan. Furthermore, you don't need to provide food for him, since he can fish. The only problem is that when he drove, his car killed several dogs, resulting in the constant barking of dogs towards your office. Let me ask you - would you fire that employee? Of course not. You only think that these dogs are so troublesome.

Yes, those hapless ones are those dogs. We are that pack of dogs.

这些狗真麻烦 (2009-11-24 03:57:10)

今日,闵行区的潘女士家房子被强制拆迁,潘女士在三楼投掷自制燃烧弹,无奈家庭作坊做的燃烧弹只能用瓶子,技术上自然就遇到了瓶颈,威力太小,被消防车轻 松扑灭以后,消防车的高压水枪对准潘女士扫射,最终潘女士缴械投降。

看到这则新闻,我欣慰的感到,经过了二十年的发展,社会进步了。冲锋枪换成了高压水枪。那么,为什么会导致如此惨烈的抗衡呢?因为这次大虹桥的建设,潘女 士家的面积有480米,而政府只愿意赔偿67万,也就是每平方米761元的房屋重置补贴和1480元的土地补偿。

当这个城市的商品房均价是在用万衡量的时候,强制拆迁的价格还在用百来计算,这就是居民投掷燃烧弹的原因,也就是说,人家本来住了480平方,你要征用人 家的土地进行所谓的建设,也就是做生意,你赔偿人家的钱只够人家买40个平方,然后强拆队就来了,换做任何一个有武器的人都忍不住得掏武器。

当然,这个例子说明了一些问题,第一是中国政府当年禁枪是有道理的,我记得我很小时候我家里是有一把气枪的,用于打鸟,后来突然有一天政府突然下令说所有 的气枪猎枪都必须上缴。这说明我们的政府是有远见的,他意识到了在十几年后,社会矛盾将会加剧,届时如果老百姓配备了气枪,那政府拆迁部门只能配备火箭炮 了。

第二是中国政府当年的土地公有制是有远见的,连丝毫没有经济头脑的毛泽东也意识到了,政府吃喝玩乐成本会很大,光靠收税和资源能源垄断弄不好还不够花,土 地将是一笔大收入。后来,领导们又担心土地在自己手里卖光了,导致党儿子党孙子们没有地可以卖,到时候自己就成了罪人,所以又规定,土地转让的年限是70 年,以方便让孙子们再卖一次。

第三是肯定是政府很后悔的一个问题,早知道现在城市化进程这么有利可 图,当时就不应该让农民们有宅基地和自己的房子,导致了现在很多的拆迁问题,想当年在建造监狱的时候,应该利用监狱的图纸顺便也给农民们把自己的村庄建 好,一个村一个监狱,一户人家一个牢房,再利用人民日报灌输一下理念,说这就是社会主义 新农村,从此自己不用再花钱建房,政府直接送房给大家,家家户户都是水泥混凝土,门直接就是用钢筋做的。当然,钥匙还是要给人家的。这样操作的好处之一是 虽然前期花了一些成本,但是后期再也没有拆迁的苦恼。好处之二是万一谁犯了罪,直接给丫钥匙没收了就行了。

这个事件中还有几个亮点,就是闵行区一些领导的言论。总所周知,闵行区的领导总是一不小心就把真话给说出来了,我认为这个其实是值得鼓励的,因为他们坦率 的真情流露,总是我嘴说我心,比起那些面上一套私下一套的官员至少要强多了。比如闵行区执法大队队长之前就钓鱼事件发表的言论说“没有利益驱动,为什么要 帮你”。这句话的深刻与坦诚,只有郑州官员的“你到底是代表党,还是代表人民?”可以媲美。

这次闵行区领导的真心话大冒险接力接到了华漕 镇。


另外,建设公司委托给区政府的征地款是每亩地130万元,整个虹桥机场的拆迁总费用高达148亿元。但是政府补贴到农民手中的征地款是每亩地38万元。那 么其中的差价为什么就归当地政府了呢?

上海市闵行区交通建设委员会的主任,闵行区动迁指挥部的一把手吴仲权的观点就比较新颖,他认为,闵行区虹桥枢纽这个地块,是在政府的改扩建消息出来以后才 大幅提升的,因此由之获得的土地增值价值也不应该由群众取得。

你 是不是觉得闵行区很可恶呢?你是不是奇怪为什么他们的官员位置还那么稳呢?如果你这么想,你就太嫩了,因为他们是上海市政府的得力干将。这就好比你是公司 的部门经理,你要买一个市场价是1000的打印机,于是你给了你的一个员工1000元整,结果你的员工花了300块钱就把这个打印机给强行买来了,还给你 开了一张1000的发票,又给了你400,他自己拿走300。不光如此,你还不用负责这个员工的伙食,因为他饿了可以自己钓鱼吃。这个员工唯一的问题是 开车赶路的时候压死的几条狗,导致你的办公室外面经常有一堆狗对着你吼,你说,你会不会开除这个员工呢?当然不会。你只会想,这些狗真麻烦。

是 的,那些倒霉蛋就是那几只狗,而我们就是那一堆狗。

Below are Google translations for these three blogs:

March 15, 2010 (2010-03-15 12:36:03)

This year I moved to Subaru Rally Team China, Mohe the first game this year. Temperature difference between here and Shanghai nearly 50 degrees. The track is no difficulty, the team prepared for me Impreza STI very good car to open, opened as before. In the conference, I am very confident, but also specially grateful to the State first, then thank them, and believe Chun said. Race day, I started from the first bend forward at full speed, results in 9 km to actually cut a piece of ice was overturned after. This is a rally the past two years I committed a very rare error, this can actually track the safety car is turned open. If you give me another chance, that first car who turned who Take the title, I may not have this ability. Fortunately, I and the pilots are alive, Sun Qiang, was not injured, we need not worry.

This story tells us two reasons, first reason is the letter Chun, can only ensure eternal life, would not guarantee that other; second reason is Xianxie country, and then thank their parents, that is the end.

I go to find, as you so well (2010-03-14 01:17:22)

In the previous article, I set the voting feature, up to now a total of 21 million independent IP to a vote, results showed that 96%, that is, 20 million people that was a good Feng Han cadres should remain in office, there are 4 percent less than 1 million people that is bad Feng Han cadres, should be severely punished. Of course, later I will set the voting feature, to make up for vote but we have not seen a lot of elected people's deputies of regret. Starting today, I will, and major government websites unilaterally formed a strategic partnership, when they began to vote on an event, I will be here, and they began to sync to vote, I will not write any text in order to avoid vote generate implied orientation, the final results to see any difference.

Among those voting, it was from the heart that Han Feng is pretty good, appetite is small, there is the true feelings that Han Feng officials have been considered in higher personal cultivation, it was a stir, and someone is ironic But we are helpless. My grandfather breath, we all know there are difficulties, to find cadres, cadres Nongbu Hao difficult than you, then we all know, this country, good officials and bad officials. Han Feng's vote that we are almost officially entered a corrupt official is not only the good points and bad corrupt era of corrupt officials. We believe that Han Feng obviously corrupt officials are good.

Although these days, HAN Feng as bribery in land transactions have been arrested, but reported that Han Feng's news, we should not only note Han Feng play phone, play terms, play Xiao Tan. In the "New Century Weekly" interview, Han Feng said of his leadership, "Guangxi's tobacco consumption in the national rankings on the list, while the guests are consuming even lower. Han Feng's performance in one of the guest is In 2007, per capita consumption of cigarettes in the region to reach six or more, exceeding the national average amount. "

Such a beautiful place, we had less smoking than the state established an agency, there were officials of the organization, so that cigarette consumption had a small number of local people began to smoke, and finally the per capita consumption of six or more than the national average amount of surprise, which is become the leading standard. So many people smoking actually become the government sector achievements. As a decent country, you do not forget smoking, how can you set up an official body dedicated to let people do more than smoke, how you can use people's health in exchange for GDP insignificant you do this. But I then I thought, too normal, has always been so dry.

During the two sessions, often with the media I would like to proposals for the two sessions, or recording some of the programs to talk about people's livelihood, or even close to Beijing and the two made contact, I decline, I'm a man, the what I do, the first I am not missing laptop, second, say I do not acting.

However, in two sessions to a close, I want to say, our government is really very happy. Most people never think that on top of the policy is right, only to nod the implementation of shape. Decades later, they still think that on top of the policy is right, just nod how the implementation is always distorted. They have never doubted the first sentence, they "on top" or hold the most original trust. We met people fart wronged, can do the last thing is to Beijing Gao Yuzhuang, although more responsibility Letters and Visits Office is responsible for monitoring the registration of new objects and transport them. Mayor in the face of bullying, they think of the mayor, the mayor regardless of when they think of county, county regardless of when they think of the mayor, but they never find the mayor, who was fantasy of the central ministers, and even more leadership, they feel just being blocked by following these leaders have to convey his grievances, they never imagined that he wanted to see who might have long recognized that he was sick of it, may be secretly playing the next one is not bigger picture. They never beg for just a little bit of their own interests, never asked himself what right do not, they never just think that local officials, not any other questions, they just have a sit Audi's leadership in the New Year when sympathy felt very warm about, of course, it also requires him not only the poor, and poor is correct, the typical poor. They think that Han Feng has been pretty good so they do not count on cadres and services for the people, but people do not look for trouble on the line, you live in your mansion, take your good car, play your Xiaotan on, we already do not care as long as you do not step on my little strong, and demolition of my homes, get my Xiao Fang, you're a good job of ordinary people in mind. If Internet users hate, delete posts on the line, if the writers hate, harmony on the line, if the press hate, as long as a word - not to report the recent negative news on the line.

Therefore, this government is happy, you have a simple Wenliang Rong Yi met such people, although they have a lot of dissatisfaction, but the bottom line that they have the most confidence. Sometimes they gathered to trouble a thing up is because the Government had promised to them as long as their own cake to the Government, the Government will give them a bun, only to give a steamed bun. You only need to be excised from the teeth in a little meat to them when filling, they went home satisfied. Faced with such people, I really wish that the Government can forget the glory of GDP, to a point, the less time in meetings sentence parallelism, a greater share to you, less pressure on them, shelter them, covered with them, let them a little dignity, rather than through the draft was obtained through the Xinhua News Agency. If you put such good people to starve to death and died a death sentence for the poor dead poisoning die of mad Aggrieved a dead sleep Shuisi water to drink, you where to find them more honest than people do.

These dogs really trouble (2009-11-24 03:57:10)

Today, Minhang District in the Miss Pan family house was evicted, Miss Pan Molotov cocktail was thrown at the floor, helpless cottage can only be done incendiary bottles, naturally encountered technical bottlenecks, power is too small to be fire After the easy fight, fire engine, fire water cannon aimed She has finally She has surrendered.

See this news, I am pleased that, after two decades of development and social progress. Machine guns replaced by high-pressure water gun. Why will lead to such tragic compete with it? Because of this large building Hongqiao, She has an area of 480 m at home, but the government is only willing to compensate 670,000, which is 761 yuan per square meter of housing subsidies and 1,480 yuan replacement land compensation.

When the city with 10 000 Average price is measured in time, forced evictions still use 100 to calculate the price, this is the reason people throwing fire bombs, that is, people used to live in a 480 square, you have to requisition others The land for the construction of the so-called, that is business, you compensate people's money is only enough people to buy 40 square feet, and demolitions team came in exchange for a weapon any person could not help but get dig weapons.

Of course, this example illustrates some of the problems, the first year the Chinese government is justified ban guns, I remember I was a child my family has a gun, for shooting, then suddenly one day the government ordered that all of a sudden air gun hunting rifle must be turned over. This shows that our government is far-sighted, he realized that in 10 years, the social conflicts will increase, then, if people with a gun, that government departments can only be equipped with rocket launchers of the demolition.

The second year the Chinese government is far-sighted land in public ownership, even the mind of Mao Zedong in no way the economy is also aware, the Government will cost much eat, drink, tax and resources alone are not enough to spend the energy monopoly Nongbu Hao, land will is a large income. Later, the leaders are worried that sold the land in their own hands, leading to the son of the party the party not to be sold grandchildren, that time itself became a sinner, it also provides that the land transfer period is 70 years, make it easier for grandchildren They then sell once.

The third is certainly a problem the government is sorry, had known that the urbanization process is now so profitable, then farmers should not have let his house sites and houses, leading to problems that many of the demolition, to the year in the construction prison time, should use the drawings by the way the prison is also to farmers built their own village, a village a prison, a people of a cell, and then use Daily educate about philosophy, that this is a new socialist countryside, from their own no longer need to spend money on housing, the government sent directly to you room, every house is concrete, with steel doors that do directly. Of course, the key is to give other people's. One advantage of this operation, although it took some of the cost of early, but the latter never demolition of distress. The second advantage is the case who committed a crime directly to give him the keys confiscated on the line.

There are a few highlights of this incident is that some leading comments in Minhang District. The total is well known that the leadership of Minhang District, always accidentally put the truth to tell, and I think that this fact should be encouraged, as they candidly reveal the truth, always say my heart my mouth, than those who face on a private set of officials at least much stronger. Such as law enforcement brigade, Minhang District, before the fishing event remarks that "there is no benefits, why should help you." Deep and sincere words, only the officials in Zhengzhou, "You represent the party in the end, or on behalf of the people?" Can match.

The leadership of the Truth or Dare, Minhang District, received Huacao Relay.

Gao Bao-Hua Cao Town, Vice Mayor Kim said: You fight against the Government, it certainly broke the law, it will certainly have to deal with.

In addition, the construction company of the land entrusted to the Central Government shall be 1.3 million yuan per mu, the Hongqiao Airport in the total cost of demolition as much as 14.8 billion. But the hands of government subsidies to farmers for land requisition, is 380,000 yuan per mu. Why then the difference of them owned by the local government out?

Minhang District, Shanghai Construction Commission's director of transportation, the top leaders Wu Zhong Minhang District headquarters relocation right perspective on the relatively new, he thought, Minhang Hongqiao hub in this land, is Extension in the government only after a substantial upgrade message out, so by the added value of the acquired land should not be made by the masses.

Do you think it is abhorrent Minhang District? Are you wondering why their official position it is also so stable? If you think so, you too tender, because they are effective go-getters from the Shanghai Municipal Government. This is like you are a company manager, you want to buy a printer market price is 1000, so you give your employees 1,000 yuan a whole, the results of your employees spent 300 dollars to put the forced buy a printer , back to you opened a 1000 invoice, gives you a 400, took 300 of his own. Not only that, you do not have the staff responsible for the food, because he was hungry fish can eat their own. The only problem is driving employees hurry when pressed by the few dogs, leading to the outside of your office you would often see a dog barked at the roar, you said that you would not dismiss the employees? Of course not. You only think that these dogs really troublesome.

Yes, those hapless is that the dogs, that we are a bunch of dogs.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

NBA versus 美国职业篮球联赛

中国中央电视台日前接到有关部门下发的通知,要求在央视今后的转播中必须屏蔽一些外文缩略词,如“NBA”,必须要叫“美国职业篮球联赛”,“F1”必须叫“一级方 程式赛车锦标赛”,GDP、WTO、CPI等常用缩略词也在“整顿”范围内。


China Central Television received a notification recently from higher up, that from now on, all its programs should not used foreign language abbreviations, such as "NBA" or "F1". All of these must be referred to in full Chinese translations. GDP, WTO, CPI, etc. also fall into the scope of this round of "rectification".

This decision was met with questioning and scoff. People pointed out that China Central Television should have abandoned first its own English abbreviation - CCTV.

Division / 割裂 / Teilung

Sunday, April 4, 2010

缺水与费水 - Water Shortage and Water Waste

Yunnan Province Drought
Sprite Bottles
大旱, 云南省, 中国 - Drought, Yunnan Province, China

Las Vegas water waste
水资源浪费, 拉斯维加斯, 美国 - Water waste, Las Vegas, USA

Saturday, April 3, 2010

個人主義对应順從 - Individualism versus Conformism

最近,我去了中國, 我认识到中國還是一個讲究順從的國家。我的姐告訴我,我戴滑雪帽的方式是“錯誤的”,只因為它以其他當地人穿著方式不這是一個典型的個人主義对应順從的例子。

當 我回到美國,我讀了一個故事,俄羅斯要从
11个時區缩为九个。美國也有多個時區,而中國雖然涉及土地橫跨 四至五個時區,它使用的時間只有一個 - 北京時間。


Recently, I visited China. One thing struck me was that China is a still a conformism country. My dear sister told me that my way of wearing my ski hat was "wrong", simply because it was not the same way other locals wore. It was a classic case of individualism versus conformism.

Once I'm back to the US, I read a story of Russia's changing from 11 time zones to nine. USA has multiple time zones as well, while China though covers land spanning of four to five time zone, it uses only one time - Beijing Time.

A clearer case is hard to find.

Eternity - Four Seasons / 永恆 - 四季 / Ewigkeit - vier Jahreszeiten