Saturday, April 3, 2010

個人主義对应順從 - Individualism versus Conformism

最近,我去了中國, 我认识到中國還是一個讲究順從的國家。我的姐告訴我,我戴滑雪帽的方式是“錯誤的”,只因為它以其他當地人穿著方式不這是一個典型的個人主義对应順從的例子。

當 我回到美國,我讀了一個故事,俄羅斯要从
11个時區缩为九个。美國也有多個時區,而中國雖然涉及土地橫跨 四至五個時區,它使用的時間只有一個 - 北京時間。


Recently, I visited China. One thing struck me was that China is a still a conformism country. My dear sister told me that my way of wearing my ski hat was "wrong", simply because it was not the same way other locals wore. It was a classic case of individualism versus conformism.

Once I'm back to the US, I read a story of Russia's changing from 11 time zones to nine. USA has multiple time zones as well, while China though covers land spanning of four to five time zone, it uses only one time - Beijing Time.

A clearer case is hard to find.

Eternity - Four Seasons / 永恆 - 四季 / Ewigkeit - vier Jahreszeiten

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