Friday, March 12, 2010

美国梦 - American Dream

美国人喜欢吹嘘美国圆梦, 中国人爱说来美国寻梦, 尤其是来美国读书然后留下来的大陆人士, 很注意 "成就感" 或者 "失落感".

迄今, 我的人生大致是一半在中国, 一半在美国度过, 有我的成功和挫折, 但从没有太在意过 "成就感", "失落感" 或者美国梦.

我从来没有什么美国梦 -- 那是美国人自欺欺人的神话. 对我来说, 大陆来人的 "成就感", "失落感" 是指他们在他人眼里的价值, 由世俗的金钱功利决定, 与个人的成长发展毫无关系.

放弃所谓的美国梦, 追求个人解放, 才是真的方向.

Americans love to boast their American Dreams; Chinese immigrants love to talk about their seeking dreams in America, especially those came from mainland China to study and then stayed on. They pay particular close attention to the sense of achievement or defeat.

Up to now, roughly my led my half life in China and half in the USA. I had my success and frustrations but never paid much attention to the sense of achievement or defeat, or American dream.

I never had American dream - that was a self-deceiving myth created by Americans. To me, the mainland Chinese's grave " sense of accomplishment" or "sense of loss" means their value in the eyes of others, gauged by the weight of money, and had nothing to do with personal growth and development.

To abandon the so-called American Dream, and to pursue personal liberation, is the true direction.

Woodcutter / 樵夫 / Holzfäller

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