Sunday, April 11, 2010

NBA versus 美国职业篮球联赛

中国中央电视台日前接到有关部门下发的通知,要求在央视今后的转播中必须屏蔽一些外文缩略词,如“NBA”,必须要叫“美国职业篮球联赛”,“F1”必须叫“一级方 程式赛车锦标赛”,GDP、WTO、CPI等常用缩略词也在“整顿”范围内。


China Central Television received a notification recently from higher up, that from now on, all its programs should not used foreign language abbreviations, such as "NBA" or "F1". All of these must be referred to in full Chinese translations. GDP, WTO, CPI, etc. also fall into the scope of this round of "rectification".

This decision was met with questioning and scoff. People pointed out that China Central Television should have abandoned first its own English abbreviation - CCTV.

Division / 割裂 / Teilung

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