Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ordering Food in Restaurant / 点菜

How to order food in restaurant is quite telling sometimes. In the US, even in Chinese restaurants, when dishes are tend to be shared, all the dinners have a menu and in general will contribute an idea to the table, while in China, it was less democratic. Over there, usually one menu is given to a table, even if there more a full dozen dinners. Usually one or two people put them heads together and decide the entire menu for the table. This sometimes creates some displeasure.

Recently, I heard a story happened to a distant relative of mine. He is in his eighties and doesn't dine out often, because he can only eat very soft food now. A few weeks ago, he invited his children and grandchildren to dine in a restaurant and he picked up the check. However, whoever studies the menu and placed the order didn't consult with him and didn't order any dish he could chew on. Considering he was to pay for the dishes and there was nothing for him to eat, he was furious.

It can be easily fixed perhaps, but that is not how Chinese people behave. They would rather see things go wrong and fret and complain about it then try to prevent it.

Perhaps, they should learn to practice democracy from dining table first.





Birds and Men / 鳥與人 / Vögel und Menschen
Birds and Men / 鳥與人 / Vögel und Menschen by Matthew Felix Sun

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