Friday, July 23, 2010

Oil Spills - 石油泄漏

Three months after BP's oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, "China is dealing with the worst oil spill in its history, according to Greenpeace, after two pipelines in the coastal city of Dalian exploded Friday, sending crude gushing into the Yellow Sea," reported AOL News.

"On July 16, At approximately 6:20 p.m. local time, an explosion in a pipeline near Dalian Xingang Harbor set off a secondary explosion in a smaller pipeline.

The oil slick was 10 centimeters thick in some places, the Chinese state television news network reported, according to BusinessWeek. Approximately 1,500 tons of oil gushed into the sea before the spill was contained, Chinese state-run radio reported.

Chinese officials say oil is now spread across 165 square miles of water. There is still no word on what caused the explosion."

At least in the US, we have a villain but there, as usual, after a major disaster, no one is to shoulder the blames. What is left to do, is heroic cleaning efforts and usual hands wringing.




中国官员说,目前的原油在165 平方英里的水域传播。目前对爆炸引因还没有说法。"


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  1. It was reported today that when the tanker stopped unloading temporarily, the operating company didn't stop sending chemicals to the pipe therefore caused chemical reaction and the consequent explosion.

    据新华社北京7月23日电 (记者朱立毅)安监总局和公安部23日在通报大连中石油输油管道爆炸火灾事故经初步分析的原因时说,在油轮已暂停卸油作业的情况下,负责作业的公司继续向输油管道中注入含有强氧化剂的原油脱硫剂,造成了输油管道内发生化学爆炸。