Tuesday, February 28, 2012

善待服务员 - Treating Service People Nicely

Recently, a Chinese couple was asked to leave the airplane from Guam heading Shanghai, because the female passenger refused to allow the stewardess to re-arrange her luggage in the bin, while her husband told the stewardess to "shut up" multiple times.

It is a common practice in the US that customers treat service people humanly.  To command them like slaves, often seen in mainland China, is not a practice received nicely, not only the servers, but other customers as well.

In the airplane, the crew member should not fly if he or she feels he or she is not up to task, due to any reasons, while the plane cannot take off without a full crew.  Under such circumstances, the captain almost always back his crew member up.

In the past, even a very famous American operatic soprano had been asked to leave the plane when a crew member was upset by her alleged maltreatment.

Of course, that's extreme case.  But even in a restaurant, when a diner treats server rudely, it would embarrass his/her companion(s) and would invite hostile looks from other diners.

In the US, people do try to treat others nicely. 






在美国,人们总试图善待他人, 包括服务人员。

One Fine Day in Berkeley 2304 


Follow up:

Just saw a video - waiter spilled beer on the back of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who took it very graciously.


刚看到一个视频 - 服务员

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