Friday, January 27, 2012

Governor vs. President 州長对總統

The picture of Arizona Governor Jane Brewer's pointing finger at President Obama has raised eyebrows and generated much talks both domestically and internationally, such as reported by People's Daily in China.

She was in the airport to greet President Obama, however the conversation didn't go smoothly therefore the finger-pointing.

In regardless what triggered this confrontation and how serious it was, the very fact that a governor can point her finger at the president much seem very impossible to imagine for many Chinese people.

Yet, once you learn that in the U.S., a governor is not appointed by President and was elected by voters in her/his state alone, you can see that not much direct impact would only to her, unless voters in Arizona feel her behavior unacceptable.  A president cannot punish, let alone remove a governor.  A governor cannot even remove a mayor, who usually is elected by voters of that city.  That is simple how things are in the U.S.

亞利桑那州州長簡 布魯爾的手指指点奧巴馬總統的圖像让人有点惊叹, 引起國內和國際很多评论,如中國人民日報的報導。


無論在什麼引發争执,或争执是否嚴重,州長布魯爾可以手指指点總統, 似乎让很多中國人無法想像。


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