Monday, October 31, 2011

Emergency Medical Help - 医疗急救


然而,当我看了这个事故的录像,也被那个善良的女人是绝对错误的帮助方式吓坏了 - 她没有试图检查小女孩是否已受伤,直接拉她的手臂,试图让她站起来。

帮助人的最好的办法是,首先确保受伤或生病人的安全,然后打电话叫专业医疗救援,并陪同与受伤或生病人,直到医务人员到达。 移动伤者和病者,往往加剧伤情或病情,并导致更多的损害。

最近,我目睹了在一家美国咖啡馆里的标准救援工作。 一个下午,不拥挤的咖啡馆里。一个她二十出头的年轻女子,突然失去了知觉了。幸运的是,她先倒在柜台上,然后才跌倒木地板上。在她旁边一个女人立即检查她的呼吸和明显的伤害,并要咖啡馆工作人员拨打紧急帮助电话。几分钟后,女孩恢复了意识,帮助的女人不停地问她问题,她的状况,并要求工作人员给她一杯水。 数分钟后,救护车赶到,帮助的女人走开,让专业人士来照顾年轻女子。医务人员询问了更多的问题及她的病情。 其间,她再次失去了知觉。因此,医务人员决定带她到医院,以作更多的检查。 担架带进来,但他们不是把她从地上抬起来,而是轻轻地把她滚到侧身躺着,然后把担架滑向她身体下方,然后把她滚回来,躺在担架上。之后,他们进行她抬走了。


Dirge / 輓歌 / Elegy
Dirge / 輓歌 © Matthew Felix Sun

The heart wrenching story of how Little Yueyue of Foshan, China was hit by cars and ignored by passers-by and finally was helped by a rubbish collector and eventual death has generated much soul searching in China. 

However, when I watched the video of this story, I was also horrified by the way the kind-hearted woman's absolutely wrong way to help - she tried to lift her up by her arms to make her stand up, without checking if the little girl had been injured or not.

The best way to help, is to ensure the safety of the wounded or the sick, then call wait till professional medical help, and stay with the the wounded or the sick and wait till the medics arrive.

By moving the wounded and the sick, it often exacerbates the problem and causes more damages.

I recently witnessed a model rescue effort in a cafe.

It was in the afternoon and the cafe was not crowded.  A patron, young woman in her early twenties, suddenly lost consciousness and fell.  Luckily, she fell on the counter first and then on the wooden floor.  A woman next to her immediately checked on her breath and obvious injury and asked the staff to call emergency help.  A few minutes later, the girl regained her consciousness and the helping woman kept asking her questions regarding her conditions and asked the staff to bring a glass of water.

A few more minutes past and the ambulance arrived and the helping woman moved away so the professionals could tend the young woman.  The medics asked more questions regarding her condition and then she lost consciousness again briefly.  Therefore, the medics decided to take her to hospital for more check up.

A stretcher was brought in.  Instead of lifting her from the ground, they gently rolled her to her side and slid the stretch underneath her and then rolled her back onto the stretcher.   After that, they carried her away.

China, beyond its collective soul-searching, needs to educate people more on how to help without causing more damage.

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