Tuesday, August 30, 2011

(Wedding) Gifts Registration (结婚)禮品登記

In America, people give gifts in many occasions, such as graduation, birth of a child, or a wedding.  For big occasions like wedding, many engaged couples register with department stores, listing the items they would need in their married life.  Friends and family who can choose their gifts from the list, which usually have different price levels to suit people's varied ability to pay for gifts.  Of course, people still can send gift they deemed more appropriate not included in the gift registries.

For a wedding, the gifts can be brought to the wedding or separately, usually with identifications so the bride would know whom to thank for the gifts her spouse receive - it's a custom that bride should write thank you card to the people who send the gift within reasonably time frame.


,通常包含​姓名​標識,讓新娘知道感謝誰的禮物 - 習俗是新娘應該合理的時間框架内的禮物的亲友寫感謝卡

Red Flowers / 红花 / Rote Blumen
"Red Flowers" - Oil on Canvas © Matthew Felix Sun

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