Saturday, February 26, 2011

Social Secretary and the Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name - 社交秘书和不敢言名的愛

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It has been widely reported, such as in San Francisco Chronicle, "The White House made history Friday by announcing the appointment of Jeremy Bernard as the first male, and openly gay, social secretary."

Many other media reporting, inevitably mentioned Mr. Bernard's being openly gay.

When I first read this, I felt a little uneasy.  Why does his sexual preference matter for a man taking on a typically viewed as women's job?  Then, I accepted that this is part of the story and the reporters need to tell the whole story, if they are to report on anything.

This story even made it to the Chinese Communist Party's official newspaper - People's Daily.  It was an exhaustive report, including the background the the duty of what a social secretary of the White House does.  However, it had a glaring hole - it failed to mentioned the fact that Mr.s Bernard is gay.

However Chinese people or government want us to believe that China is a progressive place, same-sex love there is still "the love that dare not speak its name".

据如舊金山紀事報和其他媒体廣泛報導,"白宮週五宣布任命傑瑞米·伯納德作為第一個男性, 公開的同性戀者, 总统社交秘书,而創造了歷史。"


當我第一次讀到這里,我感到有點不安。為什麼在这个男性首次担任通常被視為女性工作职务的故事, 他的性傾向問題值得报道?思考一会儿,我承認這是故事的一部分,需要記者报道,如果他們认为故事值得报道。

這個故事,甚至登到中国共产黨的機關報-人民日報。那是一個詳盡的報告,包括白宮社交秘書的背景和責任。但是,它有一個明顯的漏洞- 它沒有提到一個事實,即伯納德先生是同性戀。

不论中國人和政府怎么希望我們相信中國是一個進步的地方,在那里, 同性愛還是 "不敢言名的愛"。

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