Thursday, February 10, 2011

Price Tags and Store Return - 价格标签和商店退货

Yesterday, I prepared a work-related thank-you gift and took off price tags from the merchandises we were to send out.  I only learned not to reveal the costs of gifts in the U.S.  When I was back to China and tried to remove price tags from some gifts I was about to send out, my mother felt that it was rather peculiar.  There, people would rather leave the price tags on and let the receiver know the value of the gifts, therefore notice that how they were values by the gift givers.

Price tags in the U.S. can also facilitate returns of unwanted merchandises back to the stores.  In the U.S., within the stated periods, usually 30 days, with receipts and original packages, unused merchandises generally can be returned for full value, unless they were on sale when purchased or have been discontinued.  Without receipts, a store credit might still be issued for the returned goods.

In China, it would be VERY difficult to return anything, with or without receipt.  Customers who dare to try to return any goods, run the risk of being ridiculed and scolded and perhaps even cursed.  Mega stores with capitals from overseas are doing better job there now.


在美國的價格標籤也可以加快商品退货。在美國,在規定期限内,一般為 30天,只要有收據和原包裝,未使用商品一般都可退回的全部價值,除非他們在折价購買或已經商店下档。如果沒有收據,貨物仍然可能退掉,以换得商店信用。


Kampf / 抗爭 / Kampf
Kampf, © Matthew Felix Sun

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