Friday, September 10, 2010

Development Is the Indisputable Truth / 發展才是硬道理

Late Chinese strongman Deng Xiaoping once claimed: "Development is the indisputable truth". This is the root of what had gone wrong since they abandoned Mao's ideological driven policies. Instead of striving to improve people's life on all front, economically, politically, environmental, etc., Deng's theory aimed at the wrong goal. Chinese leaders have been chasing this relentless growth in last thirty years but failed to make sure its citizens benefit the most from such development. The country now has overtaken Japan and became the second largest economy in the word but the country is at the brim of breakdown. The income inequality, the environmental disaster, the corruption, the political prosecution are still rampant. People's life has improved dramatically, particularly those city dwellers, comparing to that in Mao's era but it is not enough.

Their policy actually is not dissimilar to the trickle down policy the Republicans are champion.

Instead of trying to make the quality of life as the goal of national policies, they aim at economy growth itself. Without improving people's life, any economic growth is meaningless.

Their policy only serves stock market and Wall Street.





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