Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tai Chi - 太极

It struck me that most people who practices Tai Chi in the US are much more serious than those who do it in China.

Tai Chi practitioners in China most treat it as a form of exercise, no much different than our jogging, bicycling and swimming. Of course, there are right postures and wrong ones, but the attitude towards orthodox and correctness is rather cavalier.

While in the US, it is a serious business and people are mostly dedicated to the forms and trying hard not to err.

I see this as a cultural difference. Chinese people tend to be utilitarians and as long as their arms and legs got stretched, they are satisfied, and would not care much about the tradition and inner meanings of the form. Always serious American practitioners on the other hands are much more respectful to the ancient forms.





Funnel / 漏斗 / Trichter

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