Sunday, May 9, 2010

School Security - 学校安全

This picture below looked comical but it is of no laughing matter. People in China are dealing with a spade of horrifying killing and maiming in schools and kindergartens in recent months. Since most of the weapons used were kitchen knives, a specially designed security fork are being distributed to school security personnel. The featured picture is the demonstration and training session for this inglorious fork.


You have Knife, We have forks
You Have Knife, We Have Forks - 你有刀,我們有

We can laugh as much as we can but it is hard to do so once remembering the weapon of choice here.

我們可以嘲笑他们; 但一旦我們记起這裡武器是什么, 我們很難再笑起来了。

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