Thursday, October 7, 2010

笑话与现实 - Joke and Reality

中国大陆曾经流传过一个很无奈的悲情笑话:一个农家为了下一季的农作,买了一批种子回来播种,还买了一堆肥料,结果种子是假的、肥料也是假的,耕作的辛苦 都白费了,根本种不出东西来。一家人生活陷入困境,想到不如自杀算了,买了农药回来喝光,偏偏农药也是假的,农民认为或许命不该绝,便买了几瓶酒回家冲喜 庆祝,没想到酒还是假的,最后是全家人都喝死了。


China has had a widely-spread and very helplessly sad joke: A farmer for bought a batch seeds to plant, and a pile of fertilizer.  The seeds were defected seeds, also was the fertilizer.  His hard work were in vain and there was no crop and his whole family was in despair.  He wanted to kill myself and bought some pesticide and drank it all.  But the pesticides was fake therefore he believed that he should not die and bought a few bottles of liquor to celebrate.  Surprisingly, the liquor was fake and his entire family was poised and killed.

Unfortunately, US is following China's lead and trying to get rid of as many regulations and consumer protections as possible. Perhaps, the Tea Party members don't drink tea imported from China?

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